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What's An Intercom?

An intercom is a small device that is mounted in your UTV allowing you to talk to your passengers using headsets or in-helmet speakers & mic. The intercom is the heart of your communication system giving you the ability to connect more people and more devices for a more enjoyable ride.

Voice Activated

Voice Activated (VOX)

UTV Intercoms are Voice Activated (VOX) so once all passengers are connected you can talk freely amongst yourselves. Most intercoms come with the ability to change the VOX sensativity to help eliminate background and engine noise.

2 & 4 person Expandable

Expandable Up To 4 Places

Connect up to 4 people to a single UTV intercom for more chatter and more fun! Standard intercom kits, with two and four person connections, are sufficient for most UTVs but can expand to include more connections for larger vehicles.

Music & Cell Phone Ready

Music & Cell Phone Compatible

UTV Intercoms are compatible with music and cell phone devices allowing you to hear the device audio through your headset or helmet. Upgrading to the RRP660Plus Intercom allows you to connect wirelessly.

Record Audio into your Camera

Record Your Audio

Rugged Intercoms are Go Pro or camera ready. Simply connect the intercom to your camera and audio will be recorded right along with your video.

Two-Way Radio Ready

2-Way Radio Ready

All Rugged intercoms come ready to connect to a 2-way radio giving you the ability to talk from one UTV to another in addition to talking with passengers. All you need is a Rugged Car-to-Car kit to connect to your intercom.

UTV Specific Mounts

UTV Specific Mounts

Install your intercom easily and cleanly with a mount made specificly for your vehicle. Most Rugged Intercoms are the same size and shape making our mounting options compatible with all of our intercoms.

Compatible with the Leading UTV Models

We have pre-built kits that easily install into your specific make and model UTV. These kits include everything needed to get you talking.
Select your model UTV below.

    • RZR 570
    • RZR 800
    • RZR 900
    • RZR XP 1000
    • General

    • X3
    • Commander
    • Maverick

    • Wildcat XX
    • Artic Cat

    • YXZ

For UTV models not listed, we offer universal mounting plates that are compatible wtih all of out intercom kits.

Intercom Options

Please use the comparison chart to choose the intercom that is right for you. These are our most common intercoms for UTVs but additional intercoms are available to suite unique situations. Click Here to see our entire intercom selection.

While UTV intercoms are avaialble on their own, we recommend purchasing an Intercom Kit that includes all of the parts you need to connect your passengers. Use the steps below to select a kit.

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Most Popular

Most Popular



  • VOX Voice Activated
  • 2-4 Person Expandable
  • Wired Music Ready
  • Audio Record Port
  • 2-Way Radio Ready

Bluetooth Enabled

Bluetooth Enabled RRP660Plus



  • VOX Voice Activated
  • 2-4 Person Expandable
  • Wireless Music Ready
  • Audio Record Port
  • 2-Way Radio Ready
Rugged UTV

How To Choose The Right Intercom Kit?

Intercom kits are available in 2 or 4 person options and include the neccessary hearing devices for every passenger.
Use the steps below to select a kit.

Choose Your Intercom

Our RRP660 & RRP660Plus are our most popular intercoms for recreational UTV riding. The RRP660Plus Intercom allows you to connect a music or cell phone device using Bluetooth whereas the RRP660 requires a wired connection. Additional intercoms are available to meet any unique requirements.

RRP660 Kits RRP660+ Kits

Choose Your Hearing Device

If you wear helmets while riding you will need to choose the helmet kit option allowing you to install speakers and a mic into your helmets. For those who don't wear helmets, you have the choice of over-the-head or behind-the-head headsets.

Helmet Kits Headset Kits

Choose The Number Of People In Your Vehicle

Rugged Intercom Kits are available in either 2 or 4 person options. If you need to connect an odd number or more people, please give us a call - 888.541.7223

2 Person Kits 4 Person Kits

Choose Your Mount & Accessories

Choose the mounting option specific to your UTV. Additional accessory items such as headset hangers, weatherproof kits, audio filters and more are available to complete your communication system.

Mounts Accessories

Rugged UTV